WhatsApp’s new component to give it a ‘cutting edge new look’

Yet again meta possessed WhatsApp, which continues to carry changes to its application for a superior encounter, is dealing with another component.


As per WaBetaInfo, the texting application is carrying a clear impact to the tab bar for a future update.

The element, known as the clear impact, is a work in progress and not yet accessible to beta analyzers.

Beforehand, it was accounted for that WhatsApp anticipates bringing an alternate plan where a few segments show up with adjusted corners and little edges around the edges.

In any case, the application is likewise carrying a change to its connection point — the clear impact. This new update will give the application a “cutting edge look” which would be satisfying to the eye.

WhatsApp recently chose to eliminate the clear impact, in any case, this time it is chipping away at the tab bar which would look more rich.

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