10 TV Shows To Stream If You Love ‘Gap: The Series’

If you’re a fan of the hit series Gap: The Series, then you understand how it captivates and enchants its viewers. From its timely topics to its incredible cast, this show is a must-watch for any television enthusiast. But what happens when the series finale airs and you don’t know what to watch next? Never fear! Fortunately, there are plenty of great shows out there that can fill the void; here are 10 TV shows to stream if you love Gap: The Series. Whether it’s dramas, comedies or something in between, these recommendations will have your streaming queue stocked with hours of entertainment.

Nevertheless (2021)

If you’re looking for another LGBTQ+ coming-of-age story, then you should check out Nevertheless (2021). The series follows Jane (played by Lex Scott Davis), a queer Black woman who moves to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. Nevertheless is a moving and uplifting series that captures the joys and struggles of young adulthood.

She Makes My Heart Flutter Drama series

She Makes My Heart Flutter Drama series is a Korean drama that aired on tvN in 2016. The drama is about a man who has never been in love and a woman who is trying to forget her past love. The two meet and fall in love, but their relationship is not without its challenges.

The drama is heartwarming and funny, and it will keep you guessing until the very end. If you’re looking for a romantic comedy that will make you laugh and cry, this is the one for you.

Magic of Zero Drama series

Drama series are a dime a dozen these days, but there’s something special about Zero Magic. The show follows the lives of two estranged sisters who are drawn back together by magic.

The chemistry between the two leads is electric, and the supporting cast is equally talented. The show is visually stunning, with each episode meticulously crafted. It’s no wonder that Zero Magic has quickly become one of the most buzzed-about shows on television.

If you’re looking for a drama series that will keep you entertained from beginning to end, look no further than Zero Magic. You won’t be disappointed.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim 2018 ‧ Korean drama

“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim 2018” is a Korean drama that follows the story of a narcissistic young CEO and his highly capable secretary.

While the drama has been praised for its comedic moments and performances, it has been criticized for its treatment of women. The show has been accused of portraying secretaries as nothing more than sex objects and perpetuating the idea that women must be subservient to men in order to be successful.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim 2018 is streaming on Viu.

Astrophile Drama series

If you love Gap The Series, then you’ll definitely want to check out Astrophile Drama series. This show follows the lives of a group of friends who all share a passion for astronomy. While the show is set in present day, the characters often find themselves transported to different eras or alternate universes, which allows for some really interesting plotlines.

The friendships between the characters are really touching, and there’s also a bit of romance thrown into the mix. If you’re looking for a fun and thought-provoking drama series to stream, then be sure to give Astrophile Drama series a try!

Cherry Magic! – Japanese series

If you’re looking for another LGBTQ+-friendly series to add to your list, we highly recommend Cherry Magic!. The show follows the story of two young women, Sakura and Hotaru, as they navigate their way through love and life in Japan.

Sakura is a 20-year-old university student who has just come out to her conservative parents. She’s struggling to find her place in the world and comes across Hotaru, a free-spirited photographer who takes her under her wing. The two quickly become close friends, but could there be something more between them?

Cherry Magic! is a heartwarming series that deals with important issues like coming out, self-acceptance, and finding your way in the world. It’s funny, touching, and full of lovable characters that you’ll quickly fall in love with.

First Kill 2022 ‧ Drama

2022 is shaping up to be a big year for television, and one of the most anticipated shows is First Kill. The drama follows the lives of four young women who are recruited by the government to become assassins. They are trained in the art of killing and given a list of targets to take out. As they complete their missions, they begin to question the morality of what they’re doing. First Kill is a gripping tale of betrayal, revenge, and redemption that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Dickinson 2019 ‧ Comedy drama

The series follows the life of a high school student named Dickinson (Hailee Steinfeld), who struggles with the constraints of society and her family. The comedy drama is set in the 19th century and revolves around Dickinson’s fight to be recognized as a great poet.

The series has been praised for its humorous take on the life of a young woman in the 1800s. It has been compared to other coming-of-age comedies such as “Gilmore Girls” and “Freaks and Geeks.”

“Dickinson” has been renewed for a second season, which is set to premiere in 2020. If you’re looking for a funny, heartwarming show to stream, “Dickinson” is definitely worth checking out.

Legend of Yun Qian Drama series

The Yun Qian drama series is a Chinese television show that tells the story of a young woman who becomes a legend. The show is set in ancient China and follows Yun Qian as she grows from a young girl into a powerful woman. The show is full of action, adventure, and romance, and is sure to keep you entertained.

The Warp Effect (2022)

“Gap: The Series” was a short-lived but much beloved TV show that aired on the Syfy channel from 2016 to 2017. The show followed the employees of a Gap store in New York City and their daily lives, dramas, and adventures.

Now, five years after the show’s cancellation, a new TV series called “The Warp Effect” is set to debut on the Syfy channel in 2022. “The Warp Effect” is being billed as a spiritual successor to “Gap: The Series,” and it looks like it will be just as quirky, charming, and hilarious as its predecessor.

So if you’re looking for a new TV show to stream that will scratch that “Gap: The Series” itch, be sure to check out “The Warp Effect” when it premieres on the Syfy channel in 2022!

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